Vintage French Blue Dresser - The Process

Vintage French Blue Dresser - The Process

 I've had this Mid Century French dresser for a few months.  Or as the French call it, a commode. I love these little dressers with the drawers all the same size. They make the perfect nightstands. Bigger than your average nightstand, but still small enough not to overwhelm the room.

The dresser was solid wood, but in a shade not very appealing. I sanded it down and cleaned it to get ready for the primer.

primed french dresser

I used a good quality primer tinted in a greige color. I always paint two coats of primer to create a good basecoat for the other layers of paint.

Japanese Watercolors on silk

Originally, I was planning on painting it a French grey, but when I found these vintage Japanese watercolors on silk, I changed my mind. The bright peacock blues inspired me to paint this dresser a similar color. (The watercolors are available at my booth in The BLVD)

French dresser

So, after the tinted primer went on, I painted a cream color and then the blue. I painted two different shades of my custom mixed 'Aubusson' Blue to create a look of aged paint. Right now, the dresser looks a bit crude, but sanding and distressing is next!

French dresser cabriole leg French dresser close up

I decided to just sand the layers and expose the wood. I usually use tinted 'antiquing' glazes and dry brushing to create an aged vintage look. But, I wanted to do something different with this piece and decided to leave it alone after I sanded it.

French Blue Chest

Here it is finished.I wanted to keep it fresh and not real refined looking. The bright blue dresser is eye catching and would be a lovely accent piece in any room.

The little French dresser is already in my booth at The BLVD and available in my online shop. In my next blog post, I'll have photos of my booth and my new inventory. Sign up for my newsletter if you haven't already and get updates of what's happening at the studio!

I'm really loving this blue and have collected other decor in this color. Whether your home is  French Country, Farmhouse or Beach Cottage, this blue works!

Till next time!


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