How I Painted a French Blue Nightstand

How I Painted a French Blue Nightstand


Originally painted in pink, I spotted this little cabinet in a warehouse filled with French imported furniture. I knew it could be a little gem once I gave it a new painted finish.


original pink cabinet


First step is light sanding and cleaning. Then I painted two coats of a good quality tinted primer. Having a 'fresh canvas', I can now apply the layers of paint. I used  the latex paint, Benjamin Moore Sweet Innocence in eggshell.

primed french cabinet

Tinted primer is applied

painted french cabinet

blue and white paint with no glazing


A custom mixed grey glaze is lightly applied after the blue and white paints have dried for 24 hours. I like using glazes because they add subtlety to the piece and gives the appearance of an old painted finish.

glazed cabinet

Glazing softens the colors

grey glaze and brush

Applying with a brush and using a cotton rag to wipe off excess

french cabinet top

Very subtle glazing

french cabinet close up

inside drawer

inside cabinet

Inside drawer and cabinet painted


I'm really happy how the French cabinet turned out. It has a nice height that could be good next to a bed or as a side table. The cabinet is for sale in my shop. For more photos and information, click here to go the listing!

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