Solving Decor Problems with Paint

Solving Decor Problems with Paint

Paint is a magical thing. Nothing transforms a room like new paint on the walls. Colors can change the mood in a room and you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it. Old furniture can also be transformed from neglected pieces that no one wants to sought after decor. Paint can also solve other problems. Like when you have nice items, but the color is just wrong. Or two things you want to pair up are mismatched in color.


And that was my problem with several things I have accumulated. How did I solve my problems? With paint!

Mismatched decor
Here's the mismatched or just wrong color items


Ok, so I bought 6 gold stags at a local home decor store thinking they would be perfect for a Christmas display, but the weird gold was hideous. You can see how the light reflects off of them and turns orange. Not good! So, some white paint and a little antiquing glaze and the deer look so Scandi Style!

painted white deer

Ready for the holidays!


Next problem were the candle holders. Made from reclaimed wood table legs, these unique imported candle holders work well in any room decor. (I have several in the shop!) But this pair had different wood tones and the tall one was a bit pink.

wood candle holders

Not looking like a pair


A quick coat of flat white paint and a little sanding solved the candle holder problem!

white wood candle holders

The white paint makes the red and green foliage pop!


Now, I have to admit the next problem made me hesitate, whether I should paint over this Turkish olive jar. Usually, these imported vintage jars have beautiful patinas and glazes, but this one turned out a bit ugly. Plus, someone spattered white paint on it and I could not remove all of it.

Rustic olive jar

Not pretty and with paint spatters


So, I painted it white, too!  I love how this terracotta jar turned out and think it looks pretty for the holidays.

white terracotta jar


My last problem was this pair of petite French side tables. They are vintage with quality wood and just look at the delicate legs! But the wood on the two tables were different shades. One was lighter than the other. I wanted them to be a matched pair. So, once again, the power of paint transformed these scratched up tables into tables that would look lovely in any French Country or Swedish style room!

french side tables

french side tables

Looks a bit dated and are different wood tones

painted French Provincial side tables

Pretty in greige grey and cream!


These side tables can also be used as small night stands. They are small and versatile and would fit in most areas.


All these items have been transformed with paint And they are new in the shop! Just click on the links in the post or click on the thumbnails below.

Well, I hope this blog post will encourage/inspire you to take old decor that you were thinking of getting rid of and imagine them in a different color. Take your decor problems and solve it with paint!

Till next time!



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